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KinkyMistresses: Goddess Maya, Mistress Courtney (Humiliation) CBT by the British Ladies [HD 720p]

Amazing Asian Goddess Maya and breathtaking Mistress Courtney are out on a lonely sidewalk smoking cigarettes as a guy is coming by. He is hitting on them and the Ladies say, we can have some fun, but we like different kind of fun, want to come with us? So he follows them... weakened by their power and sex apeal, he quickly is finding himself on the bed with a mask on enduring a lot of sadistic games, like trampling, cock torture and humiliation

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ManyVids: Petite Nymphet (Humiliation) Domestic Bliss: Reluctant Face-Fucking [FullHD 1080p]

Its Friday I have a night out with friends organised. Stirling promised hed accompany me; however when I come out into the living-room hes still in the same clothes hes been wearing all day! I start nagging him; and he talks me into getting him off in exchange for going out tonight. I slowly suck jerk his cock, not wanting to ruin my makeup before we go out; however Stirling has other ideas grabs my head and starts face-fucking me. I cant be bothered fighting it so just let him use my mouth however he decides to finish by cumming down the back of my throat which he knows I hate! I spit it out complain?Tags: couple, rp, role play, bored, irritated, ruined makeup, spit, spitty, bj, blow job, annoyed blowjob, submissive, dress, Aussie, Australian, big dick.

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